“Syros Institute-Sustainable Development, Culture, Traditions” publishes the peer-reviewed scientific journal “SDCT-Journal”.

The journal aims to promote research in the fields of Sustainable Regional Development and Cultural Heritage.

Development and heritage are to be understood broadly, both as representations of culture and tradition through centric or dominant historic constructs, and as instances of locally constituted popular traditions. The journal publishes two issues per year, in English. Submissions are evaluated by two reviewers, selected on the basis of their respective subject areas.  PDF version of papers (Sustainable Development, Culture, Traditions Journal, Volume 1A/2015, 1B/2015, 1A/2016, 1B/2016) is available.

Analytically, the authors in each volume are:

2015 Volume 1-A

Joseph Stefanou, Archontoula Vasilara, Alicia Leonor Cahn Behrend, Paula Cordeiro, Claus-Peter Echter, Eman Assi

2015 Volume 1-B

Silvio Mendes Zancheti, Ana Carolina Magalhães, Konstantinos Moraitis, Sofia Avgerinou Kolonias, Ghadban, Shadi, Bejaoui Faika, Eleni Maistrou

2016 Volume 1-A 

Betina Maria Adams, Alvaro Gómez-Ferrer Bayo, Gergely Nagy, Samir Abdulac

2016 Volume 1-B

Jae-Heon Choi, Pavel Gregor, Katarína Vošková, Daniel Couto,António Correia Historiador, Joana Magalhães, Rita Amaral,  Verónica Pereira, Susana Madureira, Song, In-Ho, Riin Alatalu, Olga Sevan, Nur Akın

Annual Meeting Documents

1st Session

2nd Session

3rd Session – Workshop A & B

Workshop A “Spatial transformation and the management of historic towns, cities and urban areas landscape. (Quality of life, land use planning, renovation and restoration projects, preservation and revival of historic cities and urban areas)

Workshop B “Sustainable tourism development on historic towns, cities and urban areas. (The context of the changing environment to retain the authenticity and integrity).