The 2001 CIVVIH Scientific Symposium and General Assembly took place in Porto, Portugal. The theme of the Symposium was The intangible dimension of the historic city. Programme (information not available) Participation (information not available) Minutes (information not available) Proceedings The Proceedings of the Scientific Symposium were published in 2002 by the CRUARB and the Municipality of Porto under the direction of Arq. Joáo Campos, member of the Board of CIVVIH. The publication is entitled Porto – A dimensáo intangível na cidade histórica, april 2002, 273 pages, legal depot no. 173.200/02. The document can be purchased from: CRUARB rua Fonte Taurina, 22 4050-269, Porto Portugal tel: +351.22.339.55.00 fax: +351.22.339.55.01