2002 Corfu,Greece - CIVVIH Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium, April 16-18

The 2002 CIVVIH Scientific Symposium and General Assembly was held from April 16-18 in Corfu, Greece. The theme of the Symposium was Protection and development of historical towns in the 21st Century. Tangible and Intangible heritage, the functions of the town. The case of Corfu.

Proceedings: The Corfu Meeting Proceedings have been published by ICOMOS Greece with the support of the Greek Technical Chamber. It is possible to get a copy by sending a request to ICOMOS Greece specifying the document's title "Preservation Development and Monitoring of Historic Cities in the 21st. century" and its ISBN number: 960-7018-96-6. The cover page of the document is shown under "Image 1" (to the left of this screen).

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