CIVVIH CALENDAR of Meetings 2019 & 2020

(as of September, 2019)

All Members of CIVVIH are invited to participate in these meetings by registering with the appropriate organizing entity.

October 14-18, 2019 Marrakesh, Morocco

ICOMOS Advisory Committee Meetings, Scientific Symposium and Annual
General Assembly

CIVVIH will organize a
networking luncheon during this conference. 
Exact information to follow

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October 20-24, 2019, Tunis, Tunisia

CIVVIH Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium

In addition to our Statutory meeting, we will cover the following
topics: Historic Cities and Sustainable Development (SDG) & Theory and
Practice of Historic Urban Landscape (HUL)

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November 14-16, 2019, Beijing, China

Asia-Pacific Sub-Committee Meeting & Scientific Symposium: Conservation
and Renewal of Historic Urban Areas

There will be five sessions to
discuss the preservation of historic urban areas in terms of theoretical
research of Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) and methods as well as practice of
the sustainable management of HUL on a global scale.

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October 1-10, 2020, Sydney, Australia

ICOMOS General Assembly & Scientific Symposium 2020

The Annual Meeting of CIVVIH
will be held in conjunction with the GA. 
Exact time to be determined

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