CIVVIH Elections 2018/Elections du CIVVIH 2018

Dear Colleagues CIVVIH voting  members

As you  already know according  to the CIVVIH by Laws  (articles19-24 and 40-44) we have to proceed,
during the Annual meeting in Nimes 
September 22th , 2018,in the 
election of the new Bureau and Executive of CIVVIH

Please find
attached the nominations submitted until 
July 9th 2018 by email to the Secretary General of CIVVIH Claus-Peter
communication to the President of CIVVIH Sofia 
Avgerinou Kolonias.

The voting
expert members must elect the new Executive as the following:1President 5 Vice
Presidents1 Secretary
General12 members
of the Executive

The new
Executive, elected on 22 September, may co-opt some members in a manner that
would strengthen regional representation.

Electoral Committee will be appointed by decision of the General Assembly and
it will consist of at least two members of CIVVIH who will not be candidates.

The Electoral Committee will approve the list of
candidates, will preside over the elections, will count the votes, and  will announce the results of the election 

Electoral process

1. Voting members of   CIVVIH will elect one President, then 5Vice
Presidents, then one Secretary General, then one Treasurer if necessary and
then the Executive Members.

2. As   a “mixt” system of
voting   is already chosen i. e:-Voting
Members who are not attending the meeting vote by post-Voting
members attending the GA vote in person

determine the winners for each post we have to count the votes in situ along
the ballots by poste.

As it was
suggested by Scientific Council and ICLAFI the “cascading” voting, where
defeated candidates can run for lower office cannot be implemented because the
voting  members who are not present  in the 
elections  cannot participate in
the final procedure

3. As it was suggested by Scientific Council and
ICLAFI in the case of two candidates from the same National Committee the
person who received the most total votes would serve on the Bureau and the
other would be disqualified.

4. Candidates may withdraw at any time during the electoral process.


With my
best regards

Avgerinou Kolonias

CIVVIH President

CIVVIH by laws reviewed english-french final (4).pdf376.67 KB
CIVVIH VOTING BY POST 2018 .pdf483.99 KB
CIVVIH Voting Members 2018.pdf94.01 KB
CIVVIH Ballot 2018.pdf81.7 KB

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