The city of Eger is hometown to CIVVIH

The city of Eger is one of the beautiful historic towns of Hungary. It lies along the valley of the Eger Stream, in a hilly countryside which extends over the western foot of the Bükk mountains. The remains of the Fortress which dominates the city inspired Géza Gárdodonyi's famous novel Eclipse of the Crescent Moon and which pictures the siege of Eger in 1552. A small Hungarian garrison commanded by István Dobó successfully resisted a huge Turkish army for nearly six weeks and forged it to retreat to disgrace. Dobó came a celebrated hero. But little is known of his brilliant explosives expert, Gergely Bornemissza, whose ingenious devices demoralized the Turks. It is his story that Géza Gárdodonyi tells in Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, an exciting tale of chivalry and love, adventures and disasters, heroes and villains, culminating in the siege itself.

CIVVIH is housed by the Eger Archbishopry which owns the "..." Palace, located at Kossuth utca 4 (Tel/Fax : +36.36.320.946). The Archbishop feels concerned by the preservation of Hungary's cultural heritage and is supportive of CIVVIH. The Bureau holds meetings in this building which also houses the Committee's permanent secretariat.

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